Wp Engine Review 2016 [ WPEngine 33% off for WordPress Users ]

WP Engine review

WPEngine Review 2016

WP Engine is a VIP hosting for WordPress. It offers strong servers that will handle anything thrown at it. With this hosting plan, you are free from hackers, so you can keep your mind busy dealing with your customers. It comes with automatic web updates and backups. They also have an army of technicians, to ensure that your experience will never be the same again. Let us look at an in-depth review of this hosting plan, where we will outline its merits and demerits

WPEngine Plans : You are going to get four different plans with WP which are:

  • Personal

You will have to part with 29 dollars in a single month. It has the capacity o handle traffic of about 25 k visitors

  • Professional

This becomes more expensive. You will be required to part with 99 dollars per month. It can sustain traffic more than 100k visitors without any strain

  • Business

This is for people who are experiencing or expecting huge traffic form their visitors. It goes for 249 dollars in a month. Expect to handle approximately 400k visitors on a daily basis

  • Enterprise

Contact them for more details on this plan since most of its services are customized. In terms of the visitors it can handle, perhaps this is the largest with the capacity to handle over one million visitors.

If you are a new member expecting to go live soon, I would advise you to go for the business plan which a more stable and less expensive.

From my own experience, I have come to appreciate the kind of security provided by WP engine. It ensures that your online business is protected from all the sort’s of phishers and hackers. This way, you can count on your business to grow and be able to inject more money without the fear of hacking. What really makes WP that safe? Well, it has the capacity to detect threats and fix them according to its priorities. WP has the capacity to prevent possible attack hence ensuring that your website remains safe both for you and your users. In case a person is trying to intrude on your IP address, WP engine responds by banning that IP address forever.

Features that make WPEngine Hosting the Best One


The speed of any website is a key determinant of if the visitors are going to visits and spend some time there or not. Speeds in this Host are high, compared to other hosting services in its class. Their partnerships with Content Delivery Network ensures that the web pages will be loading in a fraction of a second regardless of the position of your web visitors

Developer tools

With WP engine, you are going to be fully in command with your hosting. You can make snapshots of your hosting and restore it at your own convenience. Actually, this is the only WordPress hosting platform with Git for a version control integrated fully with WordPress.

Customer service support

Most clients will never compromise on the quality of customer service. They want a customer service that they can access for 24 hours in a day. Despite the fact that this hosting plan does not provide this, they have a live chat plan which is normally open from 8 am to 8 pm. Nevertheless, you will always book for a ticket so that you can chat with them at any given time.


Wit WP engine you can be assured of backup in a daily basis. In case your server is having issues; you can always restore your website after it has become okay. You have the freedom to blog without boundaries or limitations

WPEngine Hosting for Offer  :

Here on this page we are going to provide you the latest WPEngine discount coupons to cut down the price of hosting.We will update this section of WPEngine regularly to let you know about latest WPEngine offers.

Hope we have covered good information on one of the best WordPress Hosting Service Provider in 2016.Guys if we have missed any important information on WPEngine features and other details please do let us know using contact us form or in the comments section.

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